Ensuring your people's privacy, data security and GDPR Compliance with our DPO As A Service

Who is currently acting as your DPO?

Whether you need a DPO as a service or consultancy services for your existing DPO, our experts are here to ensure that your activities remain secure and compliant.Our strength lies in our multidisciplinary approach to security and data protection (legal, technical, physical, organisational) that we developed over the years.

We can promptly take care of your organisation :

  • We can act as an in-house DPO or help your existing DPO.
  • Full-time DPO is not always necessary.
  • Give you access to experts when needed.
  • We cover 20 domains split into 60 sub-domains.

Assessing your level of GDPR compliance

Assessing the maturity of your GDPR compliance is a crucial step. Using a comprehensive apporach involving interviews, in-depth surveys and collaborative efforts, our technical and non-technical experts within your organisation, will determine the current state of your GDPR compliance.

    • Completed in a matter of days up to a few weeks.
    • Incorporates both legal and non-legal perspectives.
    • Conducted by our team in collaboration with subject matter experts and stakeholders.

Creating the GDPR roadmap

The roadmap outlines all the necessary actions to achieve compliance. These include legal projects, IT security projects, physical security projects and organisational projects (such as awareness programs, policies improvements, etc.).

  • The roadmap covers essential actions for compliance and security implementation.
  • It includes legal, IT security, physical security and organisational projects 
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Get a live dashboard overview

A dashboard will be created to offer you an accurate overview, ensuring that both legal and non-legal individuals can easily identify the most critical risks. This shared vision will be accessible to all, including external stakeholders, facilitating informed decision-making for optimal resource allocation. Priority areas will be clearly highlighted.

  • Dashboard for clear risk identification.
  • Accessible to all, including external stakeholders.
  • Informed decision-making for resource optimization.
  • Distinct visibility of priority areas.

Access to a pool of competencies

Privacy expertise is multifaceted, and no individual can cover it all. That's why we advocate for a flexible approach. Rather than hiring full-time staff, consider tapping into the right expertise for the job, whether it's for an hour or a project. This ensures that you have access to the skills you need when you need them.

  • Flexible expertise sourcing for dynamic GDPR needs.
  • Avoid the limitations of a single, all-encompassing expert.
  • Strategic resource allocation (from 1 hour to an entire project).

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